Hi Ray
Thank you for the request.
Yes, I have had some excellent results with some of my patients. I recommended some to a few diabetic patients which in the mean time gave very favorable feedback. Most of them struggle to control on their current medication and after using Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, they not only feeling a lot better but Glucose control is stable between 5-6 ml!. One patient came down already 10 Units of Insulin during her day time regime. I do have the occasional high reading when the diet is not compliant but much less than ever before.

On Osteoarthritis I had about two who came back with history of not taking anti-inflammatory medication anymore or minimal, and much better functionality on their hands. They also rub it into the hands like a lotion.

I have a few HIV patient on the medication and they come to collect the second and third bottles.... the one had a complication of Herpes Zoster (Singles), which was recurring and very painful which had very little response to conventional medication. He started the product and sent his employer to collect more as he is back to his normal duties and pain free... did not stop or wean any of the ARV's yet...may be in future!

The only complaint medically to date was some clients complained about very fowl smelling flatus and loose stool after starting the product which is most likely part of the detox?

The last is a more personal experience with my wife. Giving normal birth to our first born about 3 year ago she sustained a fractured pelvis, torn pubic ligament as well as injuring her Sciatic nerve. She was on crutches for about 3 months after birth as they have missed the pelvis fracture. She did recover partially from the injury but had constant pain for the past 3 years utilizing about 60 schedule 5 pain killers per month. One week after she started Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, she was pain free and still is today! She has not taken any pain killer since, she is not convinced about Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic she is converted...
Humble thanks
Dr. Leon Nel
MBChB; MA(Soc)


Aches & Pains

My experience so far:
I received your product by post and immediately unwrapped it. As a practitioner working with bio-resonance it is important for me to 'get a feel' for any new product. I simply held this one unopened and found my eyes welling up with tears - a most unusual response. I happened to have a very sensitive patient with me, who relaxes or flinches visibly as remedies are brought close to her. Even while still in the bottle Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic made her laugh out loud. I shall be interested to see how she responds. Next, I applied the solution to my wife's shoulder injury, which is probably linked to a past car accident injury. That morning after about 3 months of pain, she woke extremely debilitated. She was unable to move the arm much at all without being stopped in her tracks by the pain. I should mention that I have used the Scenar Silica G5, Glucosamine cream and more on this injury with little change. Within 3 minutes of applying the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic to my wife's arm, she regained full mobility in the shoulder with 80% reduction in pain in the elbow, shoulder, muscles and soft tissue. We both stood back in amazement. One further dose was applied last night and this morning she was completely unaware of the shoulder that had been agony every morning for the past 10 days and hampered her for over 3 months.

Next, I did the same trick on the back of a computer programmer's friend. He had been off work and was suffering from a back pain that repeats every few months. He'd been off work for 2 days. Again 3 minutes later the pain (which drugs had barely touched) was all but gone!
I've never seen anything like this before and am beginning to dare to believe some of the other testimonies you have on your site.
With kindest regards,


My son has terrible acne and while he refused to drink the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic he did agree to apply it to his face. After a few days his face cleared up so much it was amazing to see, I don't have to tell him to use it now. The bottle seems to be lasting so long, it's wonderful.
Thank you to you and my neighbor.


I developed allergy with fish products more than 5 years , after I new about Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic I started drinking it, before finishing 1 bottle, I tested by eating fish, no more allergy. I am enjoying meals served with fish like other people, I really thank god.….. I had multiple health problems, painful legs, nausea, kidney problem, I could not go to church or visit neighbor's, but after Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic I am very fine, very active house wife as before.

I managed to see Louis and got some bottles of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic , I'm amazed how it works I was like always tired and had allergies (rhinitis), but haven't been sneezing and that itchy nose is gone I'm happy with the results.
My aunt has high blood pressure gave her a bottle she said the results are remarkable. Wait for more testimonials......
M. South Africa - Jan 2011



Liesbeth had arthritis for many years. Her feet were swollen so badly that she could not walk, and she struggled to get her work done. After the first day of taking Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic she had no pain at all and no swollen feet. Liesbeth can make tea now and do all the cleaning with a smile. was, and had exactly the same results.

Hi Mark, Nigel and Cherry!
I thought you might like to know that I have been discharged from the Rheumatology Clinic last week Wednesday 14th, September. I can't thank you enough for introducing me to the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. Earlier this year I couldn't use my right arm. Stress was the major cause due to grief of mourning four family members. I had Physiotherapy for months and was finally referred to the clinic with Osteoarthritis and there was nothing more they could do for me. I started taking the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic three times per day for a week and I began to see changes. I continued to take it twice daily until I started gradually using my arm again. I am so happy to say that I am now using my arm and doing all the things I used to do. Now I take it once per day to maintain my equilibrium. All I can say is that the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic has truly worked for me and I can recommend anyone to at least try it for themselves and see what happens. I will always have at least one bottle in the house just in case I feel the need for fortification.
God Bless You All!
V. Leeds UK

I have to let you know that I have had arthritis in my right hand for the past two years. I used your Omega Herbal 35 External Tonic and rubbed it in. It felt better straight away, the pain has now totally gone. I am now also drinking the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. I don't love the taste but it is worth it.
Thanks again.
Ms G. Yorkshire - Jan 2011

Several elderly people are now able to work with their hands after many years of painful debilitating arthritis.


Arthritic Pain

The residents of an old people's home in the Free State are rejoicing because there are no Arthritic pains left there after all patients have started taking Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic.


Athlete's Foot

I've had a very bad case of Athlete's Foot for years and tried about all the medicated creams and powders that you can buy, and nothing seemed to work.A very good friend of mine got me some Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic to take to lower my blood pressure which was in the stroke zone, but not anymore thanks to Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, it put my blood pressure back into the normal zone and I feel real good inside and outside of my body. I also rubbed it all over my feet for about 3 days and I have to this day no more Athlete's Foot, thank you God for Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic.

Thank you Daniel S for for making me knowledgeable to this product called Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic."Omega means end so after this you need nothing else to get well." This will be the last product still standing when all else fails. I pray that this product gets in the hands of all the sick and the skeptics and make believers out of you all.
Terrance UK


Basal Cell Carcinoma

Dear David
Thank you so much for the bottles of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. As you recommended I have been taking the product both externally on the wound and internally at a rate of 10ml 3 times per day. As you can see by the pictures i have attached, the past 8 weeks have been miraculous. The wound on top of my head has all but closed up baring some minor leakage. The pain is gone and the unsightly wound has become a mere scratch. Before i met you my Oncologist told me that my only option was to have the BCC wound cut out and a skin graft from my inner thigh used to replace the skin. When i told my Dr. that i wanted to try a natural remedy he told me there was no such thing. I am living proof that Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic works wonders on my immune system and has caused my body to somehow heal the cancerous growth that was only getting worse. I have now become a distributor of Omega Herbal Products and will spread the word as far and wide as I possibly can, I feel like I have a new lease on life. Thank you so much.
Please put my e-mail address on your site for other people to contact me so that i can share my testimony with others.
Ray Solomon
raysolomonproperties@gmail.com - Ray@omegaherbalproducts.info


Hi, my name is Roger Brookes. I have had a skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma for the past twenty years. I was fortunate enough to have had a very kind doctor who has been helping me control the condition. Unfortunately the most successful method of treatment was to excise the carcinoma.
To date I have had about 65 carcinomas removed, from my face to my head back, chest, stomach, mainly on my upper body. As a child in ignorance I spent most of my days in a pair of shorts without a t-shirt. Wrap your kids up and wack a hat on their head! The last carcinoma that was removed was on the top of my head. I had it excised twice and sadly it grew back, by this stage my sense of humor had left me.

My scalp was too tight from by the loss of skin and we could not cut it out for a third time. My only alternative was to have radiation. I was treated at the oncology center in Sandton and the Professor and staff were absolutely fantastic and professional. Ten treatments and then I thought that was a piece of cake. About a week after the treatment all hell broke loose, I think it is normal what happened. I lost all the skin where they treated me and had an open wound the size or a coffee mug on the top of my head. After a few days you start to panic, desperate to do something and at my wits end, my friend Margaret introduced me to Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. I took the Omega and poured it in the wound. Look at the photos and you will see how fast a scab formed and I had relief from the pain.

Finally I could get a good night sleep. On the third day I was so chuffed that I started to drink the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, now the results accelerated. About ten days later the wound was closed and 95% healed. Amazing !!!! It is early days and I am so chuffed with the results. What is happening is that my other carcinoma's are drying up and disappearing. I drink Omega three times a day and every day. I have a weak stomach but if I must drink Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic for the rest of my life so be it.


Blood Pressure

I have suffered from High Blood Pressure and cholesterol problems most of my adult life. I decided to buy a bottle of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic because I had tried everything else and nothing had worked. After approx 2 days, I noticed a massive increase in energy. I had my blood pressure checked a couple of days later and it was absolutely normal as well as my cholesterol levels.
Thank God for Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic.

Theron is a man in his early 70's. I have suffered from High Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol problems most of my adult life. On top of that I have had a tremor since I suffered a head injury due to an accident when I was 12 years old. I decided to buy a bottle of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic because I had tried everything else and nothing had worked. I had heard that it could possibly reduce my blood pressure and so I decided to go ahead and take it. After approx 2 days, I noticed that my tremor had stopped for the first time in 58 years and on top of that I noticed a massive increase in energy. I had my blood pressure checked a couple of days later and it was absolutely normal as well as my cholesterol levels.
Thank God for Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic


Hazel's cancer count was 130, had very low white blood cell count, and her bone marrow was not producing. Due to the fact that Hazel's white blood cell count was too low, she could not undergo chemotherapy. She stopped all medication after she met Nico, of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, and was treated for 7 weeks with 5 bottles of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. Her cancer count came down from 130 to 16, white blood cells were normal and bone marrow was producing. Cancer specialists did not believe the blood results and had more tests done on Hazel. A week later they requested another test. Her cancer count came down to 12 and all other results were normal.

Hi my name is Hennie Snyman and I am 65 years of age. 25cm of my colon was removed and 7 lymph glands of which 3 were malignant. Instead of opting for chemo, because I wasn't mentally prepared for the whole process, I opted for the budwig diet and 30ml of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic daily. On the 5/04/2011 my cancer count was 184,9 U/mL a month later on the 16/05/2011 I was ecstatic, my Lancet tests showed a reduction down to 77,5 U/mL. I continued the process and subsequently it reduced to 28/8 U/mL on the 22/06/2011 and down to 2,5 U/mL on the 4/08/2011. Thank goodness for this magnificent product.


60 year old lady suffered Diabetes for more than 10 years, high blood pressure and allergy condition to various things, after Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic the blood sugar is stable whenever checked reads 6gm, she is happy no more fatigue no more allergies, very active in her business.


Painful menstrual periods are periods in which a woman has cramping lower abdominal pain, sharp or aching pain that comes and goes, or possibly back pain.

Every month I had a very painful and debilitating menstrual cycle, which has not let me be able to function normally for a period of 2-3 weeks a month. My symptoms were both emotional as well as physical.

Emotionally: I was overly emotional, experienced severe mood swings from crying the one minute to being over the moon the next.

Physically: I experienced lower back pain, stomach cramps and sometimes the pain was so bad I could not get out of bed. The symptoms had a monumental impact on my life as I could not function normally on certain days and led to me being stressed and depressed.

I was given a bottle of Omega Herbal 20 Tonic for Women in February 2012 to try, as I have tried so many other products that just did not relieve the symptoms. After using Omega Herbal 20 Tonic for Women for 2 days I could already feel a difference both emotionally as well as physically. I use the product as soon as I feel cramps starting; I drink 1 dose of 5ml 3 times a day, and take more on some days as I feel the need.

I have now been using Omega Herbal 20 Tonic for Women for 1 month and my energy levels have increased, the painful cramps and other pains experienced before and during my menstrual cycle has all but disappeared. I normally had to take painkillers to get through the day; I do not need those any more. Emotionally I feel more stable and do not experience such extreme mood swings. My friends and family have all commented on the improvement of my mental state.

I would recommend Omega Herbal 20 Tonic for Women to any woman that has to suffer through the painful and emotional symptoms caused by DYSMENORRHEA. Please feel free to phone me, should you have any questions.
Zena von Moltke


I have spent a fortune on creams for the Eczema on my face which I have had all my life, after two days of drinking Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic and washing my face with it the Eczema has completely gone.


I had a number of health problems and joint discomfort. After my first bottle of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic I began to see a major improvement! Within a few days of taking Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic my thinking was clearer, my energy was increased and even my skin feels smoother.


12 year old school boy with Epilepsy, was in a boarding school, his condition became serious, as was getting attacks three times a day. Teacher's had to call for parents to take him back home for care, fortunately parents heard about Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, they gave it to him, after the 2nd bottle the boy was fine, no more attacks and is back to school.


I was diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA 8years ago and I am taking chronic medication (pharmaceutical drugs) for relief from the symptoms associated with severe FMS. A Few weeks ago I came across this life changing supplement Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic on 9th of April 2012...I decided to purchase this product after just reading testimonials and following my "gut feeling". . . I started feeling better after the 1st day of using Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. After using this life changing product for only 7 days, I was not convinced BUT CONVERTED! THIS IS MY 2nd WEEK on Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic....AND I FEEL BETTER THAN EVER! NO MORE Neuralgic pain, NO MORE Chronic Back Pain, NO MORE Infections, NO MORE Headaches, NO MORE Joint pains, NO MORE Muscle spasms, NO MORE Severe Fatigue !!!! I am in AWE of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic and I thank the Lord for this formula! ! I will keep you updated on my progress. Can not wait for the day I can finally quit using the pharmaceutical drugs, and I have a wonderful feeling that it will be sooner than later. This revolutionary Nutritional Supplement for the whole body FIGHTS DISEASE NATURALLY. . . .The answer to my prayers I believe...Revelation 22:2 " And the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations."


I had developed a growth under my armpit. It was very painful and the doctors wanted to surgically remove it, and possibly one breast as well. I was told to start ingesting Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic and also wipe it on the growth. later the pain was gone, and now the growth has gone.


Jotham from Johannesburg was suffering from Gout, a form of Arthritis. He was walking on crutches and suffering much pain, 5 minutes after external application the pain was receding and 30 minutes later it was gone altogether.

Likewise, Boet Greef from Brakpan, was in the same state as Jotham with Gout and had exactly the same results.


Several people have now applied it to their swollen gums by placing on cotton wool over a bad tooth. Pain and swelling started leaving within 5 minutes and all gone by 30.


I had suffered with hemorrhoids for many years with tremendous pain. I had tried all of the different remedies, some lasted a while and some did not. My brother gave me a bottle of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic and I started by applying it to some cotton wool and holding it between my legs. The pain relief was almost instant and after two days of treatment, it was completely over.

Herpes Treatment

I'm really enjoying these products and have now had 2 patients report no more Genital Herpes outbreaks since starting Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic

One has a 12 year history of very regular outbreaks (6 to 12 per year) and the other also suffered regular outbreaks for approximately 10 years. Another patient suffering Chronic Fatigue has also noted a testicular ache fade away. This too is most probably due to either Herpes Zoster or Herpes Simplex virus.skin p

I have been suffering from Herpes for 4 years. I've spent thousands of dollars on expensive medications. Since taking Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic I have not had a single breakout.
Missy in Georgia

HIV/Aids Support

Testimony of Mr Goodwill.
I first fell sick on September 16th, 2008 and was admitted to the Helen Joseph Hospital where I was diagnosed with Abdominal TB. I stayed at the hospital for 3 weeks before being transferred to the Hillsborough Clinic for further tests where I was diagnosed as being HIV Positive. I started taking ARV 's and was treated for 9 months for the TB. Fear was all over me, I developed a type of cancer called Kaposi Sarcoma, which affected the upper parts of my thighs. Sometime in March 2010, my Aunt told me about some medication that could possibly help me. She brought me a 250ml bottle of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic which cleans the blood and boosts the immune system. I took the prescribed dosage of 10ml 3 times a day and also applied some to my sores. After taking it for 2 days, I noticed a significant difference in my body, and after 3 days I was up and about. Night sweats, plus swelling on my thighs were gone. Now I feel strong and healthy again as if I had never had any problems. I have been given a new lease of life thanks to Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic.

Improved Health

Hi Clint,
This is the experience that I have had with Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. For the past six years or so, I have been chronically ill. I have paid thousands of Rands to different homeopaths to try and get my health sorted out, but no matter what I did, my health just continued to deteriorate. My sleeping pattern was erratic, which made me very tired and even more depressed, and I felt as if my body was steadily shutting down. Eventually I gave up hope and was just waiting to die. At the beginning of 2012, I felt as if my life was almost over and that I would not be alive to see the end of 2012. Then, at the beginning of February 2012, a friend of mine told me about Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, and the wonderful results she and other people have had. I was so desperate to try it that I asked her to courier 2 bottles to me overnight, which she did, and I immediately started to take it. However, because in the past when I tried to detox, I always ended up with a great-grandfather of a migraine and vomited so hard that it felt as if my insides were coming out, I decided not to take the recommended dosage. Instead, I have been taking half a teaspoon once a day. After 16 days, I woke up one morning and felt different. At first I was quite puzzled, because I couldn't figure out WHY I felt different. Then it dawned on me. I no longer felt as if I was dying! That was eight days ago, and since then I have been getting better and better. I have much more energy, my sleep has improved, and I feel confident and happy.
What a fantastic product!

I am very happy to write you this message. I have seen 80% improvement in my body and feel very much relief with Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. I will now get some for my wife and kids here in the Gambia.
Bless you, E.beyai

I have not been well for the last two years, It came to a point three months ago when I had to give up work. It was too much effort to get out of bed or off the couch, never mind go to work. The doctors diagnosed me. My neighbor brought me a bottle of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic two weeks ago, last week I went for the usual tests and yesterday they told me all was normal. I feel great and am ready to return to work! Isn't that fantastic.

In June of last year I purchased 3 bottles of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. I am in good health, but took it as I was looking for an easy detox. I took the three bottles and found that I had more energy. I also found that it worked wonders for my circulation. I realized that I was so warm that I could work outside without a coat.
The next amazing thing was, I sent for another three bottles about ten days ago. I had got half way down my first bottle, bringing me up to last Friday night, when unfortunately I had a nasty accident. I was getting out of a taxi when I caught my foot in the seat belt and went down onto the concrete pavement on my forehead. The next day my face and mouth swelled up, followed by two black eyes and a bruised nose. Yes, I looked like in between a 'pig and a panda' I tried everything I knew to try get the swelling down but it wasn't working. I felt quite desperate and too a couple doses of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. The next day it looked like a miracle had taken place.The swelling was gone, and the black eyes were gone. Just a bruise remained on my head. My son had been away for half a day and night and couldn't believe what he saw. Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic is a marvelous accompaniment to anyone's health. I will use it twice a year. (use my testimonies wherever you want)
Mrs B.- Buxton UK 25/02/12

Hi I am Roger Brookes,
You may have read my amazing experience with Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic on the website. If not please do! With my health and immune systems improving as much as it did I decided to test the product on my staff at work. I run a small factory where I manufacture cement products and I employed 10 workers who all clock in and out using the HAND PUNCH 1000 clock card system. Anyone not familiar with this machine, by using fingerprints it is a very secure system to record all arrivals and departures at the factory. My foreman ensures that everyone gets their dosage of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic in a glass of water every day. This has been the case since the 1st of July 2011. The results on my absenteeism for the last 3 months has been dramatic; 35 days absent in 660 days (5, 25%) in 2010, down to 10 days (1, 5%) in 2011. Not only has the product reduced my absenteeism but the result that Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic has had on the productivity and workplace relationships are as positive as the results. I would recommend to any business needing to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity to try Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, it has worked wonders at my factory.

Kidney Stones

I have suffered great pain over the years with Kidney stones caused by a chronic bladder infection. I have endured doctors, specialists and 3 operations to remove the stones which kept coming back and the pain continued. 2 days after drinking Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic the pain subsided, now I feel better than I have for a very long time. I will let you know the results of my next CRT scan.

Migraine Headaches

Reta suffered daily from severe headaches and migraines. Clint, of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, gave Reta a bottle of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, and after the first bottle all headaches and migraines had disappeared. 5 months later, Reta still has no headaches or any kind of migraine. After that, Clint recommended Omega Herbal 20 Tonic for Women, because of her suffering from very painful menstruation's. 25ml twice a day for 3 days during her period took all the pain away.

Since starting the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic three days ago, herewith my testimony of the marvelous results I have experienced.

From the age of 11 I took between 3 and 5 headache powders every day to alleviate migraine headaches. I am now 68 years old, I have spent a lot of money on Doctors and specialist consultations, I had all the tests, EEG etc, only to be told my condition was hereditary and I would be on medication for the rest of my life. My neck was also stiff and painful from the headaches.
Heather Venter

Neuralgic Pain

Says she had Neuralgia, a nerve pain in her face for 8 years. Apparently most people with this malady commit suicide after 12 months the pain is so bad. Two hours after rubbing it on my face I could feel something was happening, now the pain has gone and I am looking forward to going back to work again.
These are a few of the testimonies to the effectiveness of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. More come in every day, it appears to work on everything it is used on.


70 year old man had Enlarged Prostate Gland, the situation was serious as he could not control urine, walk properly, neither put on trouser properly, also had high blood pressure of 180/120, was put on drugs and was told that he has to use them throughout his life, fortunately his friend told him about Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. Since he started using Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic the blood pressure is normal 120/80-110/70, the doctor has stopped all the drugs, the Enlarged Prostate Gland is reducing gradually, now can control urine, the frequency is normal, put on the trouser and look smart, was scheduled for operation but whenever visited the clinic their was improvement which made the doctor to postpone, next appointment is 1st week of November.

I had been observing a growing Prostate problem for about 3 years, and then about 3 months ago, I took Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic and I noticed a difference after only one week.

I had been observing a growing Prostate problem for about 3 years, and then about 3 months ago, I took a swig of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic and I noticed a difference after only 30 minutes. Two more people are now testifying of the same thing with no re-occurring symptoms in the 3 months since taking it. Another man from South Africa had prostate problems for several years and had tried everything. Within 24 hrs of starting the course, all symptoms had disappeared. Likewise Oliver from Durban had the same complaint, and again all symptoms gone within 24 hrs of drinking Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic morning and evening.

Restless Leg

Bonjour Mr Mark,
For your information, and by chance, my neighbor is very sick. He has had a half of bottle so far; the results are simply revolutionary. His legs began to revitalize and healthy recovering.
Then he asked me to have some more bottles to complete his treatment as soon as possible.
Thank you so much,
Burkina Faso

I started using this product on recommendation of a friend who has cancer. I believe it is a good product and have been using it for 2 months and enjoy, although I do not have any expectations of a cure of any sort so I am just using it as maintenance.

However, I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that I no longer suffer from restless legs. I have had this problem since I can remember and have made peace with it as I have been unable to find anything that helps or even relieves it. I have tried all – home remedies and a series of vitamin B injections and finally the doctor prescribed a drug that they use for people who suffer from Parkinson's Disease called Pexola. This drug helps but I don't want to take it. I believe this all has to do with the nervous system.

I am so happy to share with you that since taking the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic I have not had the restless legs. It is wonderful and I will be sure to recommend your product.
DD South Africa

Skin Problems
Blemishes/Infections/Rashes/Sores & Scarring

I was taking the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic for pain in my back. While still taking the first bottle, my colleagues suddenly begun asking me what I was applying on my face as they said it had become very smooth and was actually glowing. At first I said to them that I had not changed the normal lotion that I apply on my skin. Then when I went to my pharmacist to collect drugs, and he had the same reaction. He said he had to ask me what I was doing as my skin was glowing...and I suddenly knew it was the detox process going on from the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic I was taking. I am still taking it for the pain in my back and I will be back with a great testimony and results on that... Maria, Kenya

From the continuous use of Paracetamol and Aspirin related medications, I developed rashes, tummy troubles, bladder troubles etc, but that was the quickest relief I could get and most other medications had nasty side effects. I had skin blemishes and on my arms and hands. After using Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic they are gone.

Sogrens Syndrome

I purchased three bottles of Omega herbal 48 as I was at my wits end after trying so many medicinal treatments for my auto immune disorder of Sogrens syndrome As soon as they arrived I had a sense of wonder in trying the drink. I have to admit I did not enjoy the smell of the tonic but decided to give it a go as I had tried everything else I knew of. I am happy to report that after only three days of drinking the tonic I have noticed an increased sense of well being and euphoria that I can only put down to the drink. An old wound that was struggling to heal has finally shown signs of disappearing completely If this is the result of only three days of consuming it then I can hardly wait to see the effects after 3 months supply I would have no hesitation in recommending this to others with auto immune disorders and as I have a health therapy clinic will most certainly be advising my clients to try this out. A Miracle Drink is what I feel this is and I'm delighted with the product totally after only three days.

Linn Garden


Patient bound in wheel chair from Stroke and not able to speak or walk starts to talk. After 36 hours on Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. Starts to take first steps after 48 hours of treatment.
More details to follow on this case


A girl had a chronic ulcer on the leg for three years, relative heard about Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic after, has started drinking it now in 2nd bottle, the wound is healing.

Varicose Veins

I underwent three operations on both of my legs to remove varicose veins and also had injections into the veins only to find it later made very painful lumps under the skin. Both my ankles were prone to swelling, especially during the summer months. I started with Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic 3 days ago I had been suffering such pain with an ulcer and was vomiting. To my amazement 3-4 minutes later the pain left me, I quickly took another dose and found the nausea disappeared and the swelling around my stomach began to go down. That night I continued to take Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic and woke up a different person! The varicose veins are now shrunk; my legs are no longer that terrible blue color. My ankles are down to a normal size and my usually very low blood pressure is rising. For one reason or another I had become anemic, today little pink areas are appearing in my mouth. I forgot to say that the Migraine headaches are gone!! I am experiencing some detoxing related headaches but nothing like the Migraine and I just take another dose of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic and it's gone.
I really feel like a different person, I am so thankful I came across Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic.
Bless you, I really appreciate you, love you and thank you for pushing forward when everything looked
so bleak.
Heather Venter


I had ugly warts on my hands, I rubbed Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic into my hands about four or five times during the week, I kept forgetting to put it on, anyway by the end of the week the warts were gone.

Worm Infestation

An elderly preacher woman of 75 in New York took a course of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic and got rid of a chronic worm infestation that has plagued her for several years. Three days of treatment rid her of them all. She also noticed a massive increase in energy. She claims she has not had so much energy since being a teen, her eyes cleared up after just 3 doses.

Yeast Infection

On the evening of the 8th of June 2010 I felt the start of a yeast infection caused by using tampons while menstruating, this usually results in a week of pain and discomfort while using cream purchased from the pharmacy, usually only after seeing the doctor to get a script, the cost involved being a doctor's consultation and approximately R 120.00 for a tube of cream, which let's face it is rather a lot of money, which we don't budget for, so that in itself is an inconvenience. I decided on the morning of the 9th of June that I would try the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic for the infection before going to purchase any creams, as I had been told of so many people who have been healed from one illness or another by taking the Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic, my thought was "It's worth a try, what have I got to lose".

I drank one mouthful of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic from the bottle before leaving home and upon arriving at work, approximately 45 minutes later, I could already feel a difference in the discomfort I had felt upon waking up in the morning. About 3 hours later, I drank another mouthful of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic from the bottle and by 12:30, the infection I feared would normally hang around for about a week, was completely gone. There was absolutely no sign of ever having had the infection to begin with, the discomfort was gone and I felt completely healed, as well as feeling as though I had an increase in my energy for the day. I usually arrive home in the evenings feeling exhausted, but had an increased amount of energy which I can only sum up to Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic. I am willing to bet that not only does Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic help for a yeast infection, but will also clear up any bladder infection usually associated with yeast infections.
Thank You again for the wonder of Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic , I will most definitely continue using it on a daily basis, not only for myself, but my whole family.

"I would firstly like to thank you for the wonder that Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic is, I know there are a lot of skeptics out there which makes what you are trying to do with this "miracle product" difficult at times, but I can honestly say, Omega Herbal 48 Herbal Tonic is awesome."
Jay UK




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